Oslo “Meadow at the Foot of a Hill”

The first weekend in February we took a chance on the weather and made our way to Norway’s capital, Oslo. Having already travelled to Bergen, Norway in November (considerably colder!) we figured we could manage. Not to mention, we could not pass up the £37.82 flights.

Delicious norwegian pasty from Godt Brod Grunerlokka.

We almost always stay in airbnb’s however due to our late arrival in Oslo, we went for one of a self check-in hotels, Citybox Oslo. It was well priced and conveniently located in the centre of the city (not always the case for airbnb). This was perfect given our very short trip, we did not want to waste too much time getting into the city centre.

After some much needed coffee we started the morning walking the Akerselva River. We eventually made our way to Mathallen Oslo where we stopped for some delicious local fish soup – my new favourite in each scandinavian country I visit. We ate at the Vulkanfisk Seafoodbar.

Besides eating their delicious seafood, we managed to get in a lot of walking. We walked all the way to the rooftop of the Oslo opera house for fantastic views over the city (we had to imagine how nice it would be with the sunshines out!). Don’t worry, it is designed for people to do this! We had to be extra careful with the icy patches on the roof. I imagine if you had a magic carpet up there after a snowfall you could have a lot of fun.

On Saturday evening we found a cool cocktail bar called HIMKOK Storgata where we had some delicious cocktails before making our way to dinner. For dinner we went to a traditional Norwegian restaurant, Den Glade Gris. Pictured below is the delicious pork knuckle which was roasted for 5 hours.

Sunday’s weather was not on our side and its was even rainier and colder. Nonetheless, we were determined to get out of the city and see some outdoors. We had planned to go check out the corkscrew, where people so tobogganing down a corkscrew shaped track outside of Oslo, however there was not enough snow and it was closed. Instead, we took the public transit to Sognsvann Lake north of the city. We could not believe how many people were out running or walking given what appeared to be terrible conditions. With the rain spitting and the wind blowing strong, we made our way all around the lake. An hour or so later, a bit soaked we had completed the circle and finished with a nice hot chocolate!

Back in the city it started raining even harder. We did our best to stay warm but instead had frequent escapes indoors for warm drinks. Eventually we made our way down to Aker Brygge area for dinner at Rorbua, another traditional Norwegian restaurant. Inside was very cosy with big open fireplace and cabin booth dining areas. The perfect spot to end our trip to Oslo.

What do you do when it is pouring rain on your holidays? What type of activities do you like to do? The rain and cold temperatures did not scare us away as in a months time, we would be on our way to Tromso, Norway. We can not get enough of Norway!

4 thoughts on “Oslo “Meadow at the Foot of a Hill”

  1. Hi Ashley

    Looks like you had a great time despite the weather. Not so sure that would be me out in the rain, but then you are a lot younger. Norway sounds wonderful. Remember reading about Norway back in Geography class at school. Always thought one day would go to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Maybe someday yet, who knows.

    All are well here and hope you are too. Take care. Love, Aunty Lynn💞💗

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Sounds (and definitely looks) like I need to add Norway to my bucket list!! I also wouldn’t mind a package of those Norwegian pastries 😉


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