Decluttering and Sharing in Isolation!

For many of you who know me well, there is nothing I love more than decluttering. Despite the fact that I already keep a minimalist approach to my belongings, I am still surprised by the amount of things in my home I do not use! Not to mention, the amount of food, perishable and non-perishable, which goes to waste. A little adds up. over time.

Almost a year ago I came across an app called ‘OLIO’. It was advertised as a food-sharing app meant to be used in your local neighbourhood to redistribute foods you would not be able to use before the best before date or otherwise were throwing away. I also discovered that you could share non-food items such as toiletries, kitchen gadgets, clothing and so on. At the time, I was living closer to the city and did not find there to be that many active users. However, I did have a great experience giving away some non-perishables and received freshly baked cookies from a local who retrieved some of my items! This was a pleasant surprise as Olio is entirely FREE and prides itself on this. Needless to say, this kind gesture went a long way.

Fast forward a year later and now I am a little further north of the city. I recently started a new diet and therefore had many things to share from my pantry. As I started to share I was so impressed with how large the community had grown. There are 28,503 users in a 2km distance from where I live. All of my items are requested within hours and then retrieved within 48 hours! Given COVID, I have resorted to contactless pick-ups by leaving things outside and this has worked well (I was worried that people may steal things!). After having such a positive experience with sharing food, I started to share several household items that I was no longer using.

5 Reason I love OLIO

  1. It feels good to share!
  2. It is great for the environment
  3. It is simple – you don’t even need to leave your home
  4. The app and community are full of like-minded people
  5. I can benefit from getting free things without having to purchase

What a great idea for an app and way for us to quickly and easily eliminate the things we no longer need/use without sending them to the landfill! This is only one of the great things Olio does. They also partner with local shops, restaurants, grocery stores etc. where Olio users like myself will retrieve and redistribute food. The more I learn about OLIO and their impact, the more I want to support the cause. Check out the impact they have had so far!

What do you think – would you use this in your neighbourhood/city/country? If so why or why not?

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